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Availability of specific items may vary by location. Additional products not shown also available.

A high-end ball shell kit with 12 shells of various effects.

60 gram, maximum-load canister shells. These shells have loud lift charges that rocket them into the sky, and the color bursts in the air rival the top shells on the market.

(16) ball shells, (16) canister shells, (8) double-break shells, and (8) triple-break shells.

12 high-quality, 1.25" canister shells with assorted effects. The kit includes a fiberglass tube.

Loud breaks and vivid colors, these maximum-load canister shells are a sure crowd pleaser!

Canister shells are maximum-load shells with very large breaks. Effects include: golden willows, time delayed crackling flowers, colorful bouquets, flying fish, and scrambling comets.

24 of the most powerful canister shells on the market, including 24 assorted effects with massive breaks.

(72) single break shells, (24) double break shells and (24) triple break shells!

6 assorted mini shells that pack a surprising punch!

(12) 6" double-break canister shells with incredible effects!

Maximum-load, 60 gram canisters. These hard-hitting shells will go toe-to-toe with any consumer shell on the market! This kit packs (30) shells with tons of color and effects.

12 high-quality effects! Each 1.75″ ball shell fires with a silver tail to a large, symmetrical break.

Premium performance with 12 max-load, 60-gram canister shells.

6 reloadable ball shells with assorted effects.

Powerful, max-load canister shells, updated and re-released as a 5" shell size! Effects include huge brocades, color breaks, glitter, crackle, and more.

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