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The Great American UXO include (12) 6" double-break canister shells with incredible effects!


  • Willow / Red Plum
  • Blue Stars with Red Strobe / Red Stars with White Strobe
  • Green to Purple Color Change / Blue to Red Color Change
  • Green and Blue Stars with White Strobe / Purple and Yellow Stars with Gold Strobe
  • Red Glitter Willow with Blue Stars / Green Glitter Willow with Purple Stars
  • Coco with Purple Stars / Coco with Green Glitter
  • Willow with Red Glitter / Willow with White Glitter
  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Stars / Chrysanthemum
  • Crackle with Red Glitter / Crackle with Green Glitter
  • Blue Stars with Red Plum / Yellow Stars with Red Plum
  • Orange and Teal Stars with White Glitter / Purple and Green with White Glitter
  • White Glitter with Red Plum / Green Glitter with Red Plum




The Great American - UXO

  • Pack:


  • Shell Diameter:


  • Type:

    Artillery Shells (Reloadable, Canister)

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