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Availability of specific items may vary by location. Additional products not shown also available.

Starts with several barrages of whistling snakes and fish with purple, red, blue and white stars. That's followed by red and green bouquets with time delay crackle and a 6-shot finale of crackling palms.

16-shot repeater with assorted effects and colors: pink with white glitter, blue and white, yellow crossettes with pink glitter, and a finale of pink crossettes to delay crackle.

16 shots of red, white and blue burst with loud reports.

Vibrant colored stars with silver, gold and green strobe, plus a finale of golden willows with strobe.

Beautiful gold glitter willow and stars; then sizzling palms with blue stars; brocade with red and glitter; and a 3-shot finale of gold willows with red, green, and blue stars.

Gold brocades to color stars with strobe, and red and blue star mines to whistle and crackle, with a four-shot finale.

A fantastic value for this red, white and blue performance, featuring blue stars with white glitter and red lace, ending with a 2-shot finale.

Tons of variety and unique effects with alternating red and green glitter, v-shaped titanium flower tails with whistles, silver swirling tails with whistles, v-shaped crackling comet tails and five fast-paced shots of delayed crackling.

Crackling tails to multi-colored bouquets with a rapid-fire 10-shot finale.

Fantastic 6-shot value! Features two alternating effects with vibrant comet tails and glitter.

Gold brocades with colorful stars and a 4-shot finale.

Silver strobing mines to color stars with a lace finish to each shot, with a 2-shot finale.

Alternating shots of gold willows with white glitter and gold willows with gold glitter, including a 2-shot finale with crackle.

A fantastic display that starts with 4 shots of red stars with white glitter, then a 3-shot burst of golden crowns with blue stars, then 4 shots of green and purple stars with time-rain crackle, followed by a 3-shot burst of brocades with blue stars, then a 4-shot finale of golden palms with red stars and silver chrysanthemum crackle.

30 shots of red dahlias with white glitter, yellow dahlias with gold glitter, a vibrant red with sky blue, and crackling.

Alternating shots of red and blue with gold glitter, pink and green with gold glitter, and red and yellow with gold glitter. It finishes with a 4-shot finale of red glitter palms.

Alternating shots of brocades with green, white, and blue glitter.

Fills the sky with a fantastic, all-gold display! The first 12 shots alternate between gold tails to brocades with strobe and gold tails to charcoal palms with strobe, finishing with a 4-shot finale.

Two-color breaks with gold strobe, ending with a 4-shot finale.

Color stars with white glitter or color stars with gold brocades, including a 3-shot finale with crackle.

16 powerful shots of gold willows to colorful stars with white glitter, and a 4-shot finale.

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